321 BITCH SLAP: Twitter suspends racist alt-right accounts

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Share online conversations, inspiring pictures, posts, but also report bad behavior, ignorance, coworker behavior, greedy folks, politicians, rude customers, racists, misogynists, abusers of the system, illegals, speeding cops, neighborhood…

Be More Pacific vs. Specific 

CONFIRMED: CNN Posts Photo Of Morris Chestnut Instead Of Deceased Sitcom ‘Martin’ Star Tommy Ford Who Passed at 52yrs. CNN Posts Incorrect Photo…

For the record: Tommy Ford from the hit 90’s sitcom Martin is dead. Morris Chestnut is alive and well. RIP Tommy. CNN needs to hire more Black employees….

Yes, being a short guy is annoying

Expelled: University of Alabama Pre-Law Student ‘Ryan Parish’ Makes Threats Online and Uses Racial Slur; N-Word. Now Removed From University

Update 10/05/16 Ryan Parish has been expelled. Statement from The University of Alabama

SHOCK VIDEO: Watch Houston Woman Accuses Officer Of Using Excessive Force” and ‘Dakota Smith’ of St. Petersburg, Florida Uses Racial Slur “Niglet” To Describe Black Woman

Watch Video: https://youtu.be/r43VIMzcfs4

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