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Yes, being a short guy is annoying

Diane Yoscak, of Norman, Oklahoma Makes Racist Bigoted Facebook Post and Misspells Michelle Obama. Friend Is Fed Up!

We know what you meant, it’s because she’s…

The Wiz Exposes Uneducated, Ignorant Twitter Users Who Think All Black Cast Is Racist – The Wiz Live on NBC #TheWiz. Fools get owned by others.

Racist Skylar Lay, of Tuttle Oklahoma, tells citizen to go back to Mexico… Obama Heckler Story

Another racist post:

CNN’s recommend, reccomend typo. Fb users roasts editors of Cable News Network

Shark thinks boy is food and bites him, yummy then shark leaves, that is all

Poor Screech, Get Your Life

Pray for Shannon and her hatred for mankind..hate goes both ways

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