Category: Consequences for actions

Quinnipiac University Student Post Racially Insensitive Snapchat Blackface. University Takes Action Against Student But Not Sure How

Racist Megan Olson Fired From Job At Texas Roadhouse After Derogatory Comments About Mexicans, Issues Facebook Apology

Racist Lisa Greenwood Gets Fired From Job At Home Point Financial After Derogatory Comment About FLOTUS Michelle Obama

5 Syrian Men Detained in Honduras using fake stolen passport & Obama Online Backlash

Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended..OMG Not The Goat Milk Comment

Black people still love Hulk Hogan apparently? N word said years ago

Sharks live in the ocean. Congratulations Captain Obvious

Sick Figure Muhammad and river crying

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has a replacement

Poor Screech, Get Your Life

Pray for Shannon and her hatred for mankind..hate goes both ways

Teens doing the most, Mom is oblivious, Christianity and methods

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