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CONFIRMED: CNN Posts Photo Of Morris Chestnut Instead Of Deceased Sitcom ‘Martin’ Star Tommy Ford Who Passed at 52yrs. CNN Posts Incorrect Photo…

For the record: Tommy Ford from the hit 90’s sitcom Martin is dead. Morris Chestnut is alive and well. RIP Tommy. CNN needs to hire more Black employees….

After Nice, France Terrorist Attack, Troll Reveals Facebook Profile Filter Flags Are Nothing but Fake Grief, More Insensitive Fb Comments

Memphis police officer shot, killed and Shirley thinks it might be karma!?!?

Black people don’t base jump (Dubai), skydive comment goes downhill very fast. TROLL LEVEL 100%

True or False? 5 Holistic Doctors Found Dead In 4 Weeks, 5 Missing After Inquiry by Federal Government. Are they connected, Govt involved? Answer is..

QUESTION: Are the deaths of doctors related, connected and is the U.S. Government involved? ANSWER: NO,  Correlation is FALSE..current as of July 20th 2015 So you’ve probably seen an…

Thug, Murderer, Terrorist, Mentally Disturbed. Charleston Massacre Suspect Dylann Storm Roof. Trolls Argue Terminology, More

The end of the world not..

ISIS: Probably dudes in drag

Assisted suicide and Nathan’s Pokémon

B.B. King’s family about that $$$, it was probably age, diabetes

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