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Yes, being a short guy is annoying

The response to this wifi password…Promotions Available LOL

Girl jumps off I-35 bridge (OKC) into traffic but the first Fb comment though

The most creative Facebook Meme Ever… Says it all

Police Robot Runs Over Child At Mall, RobotsLivesMatter as Internet has absolutely no chill with comments

The Wiz Exposes Uneducated, Ignorant Twitter Users Who Think All Black Cast Is Racist – The Wiz Live on NBC #TheWiz. Fools get owned by others.

Alex you are most likely a liar.. ijs

No shootings or disorderly conduct at ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and here’s WHY

Black people don’t base jump (Dubai), skydive comment goes downhill very fast. TROLL LEVEL 100%

Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo escapes, Trump worried.. Just playing dawg

CNN’s recommend, reccomend typo. Fb users roasts editors of Cable News Network

The end of the world not..

Your mom is hot, get over it Stephen Curry

If you want to get fired send that text.. Your call bro

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