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Be More Pacific vs. Specific 

CONFIRMED: CNN Posts Photo Of Morris Chestnut Instead Of Deceased Sitcom ‘Martin’ Star Tommy Ford Who Passed at 52yrs. CNN Posts Incorrect Photo…

For the record: Tommy Ford from the hit 90’s sitcom Martin is dead. Morris Chestnut is alive and well. RIP Tommy. CNN needs to hire more Black employees….

Yes, being a short guy is annoying

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis Tries To Troll Twitter With God Comment But It Backfires And He Gets Owned, Sold, And Owned Again By Ike Nice And Others On Twitter

Police Robot Runs Over Child At Mall, RobotsLivesMatter as Internet has absolutely no chill with comments

The Wiz Exposes Uneducated, Ignorant Twitter Users Who Think All Black Cast Is Racist – The Wiz Live on NBC #TheWiz. Fools get owned by others.

Black people still love Hulk Hogan apparently? N word said years ago

SUBWAY Eat Fresh and Jared Fogle file for divorce

Veteran and former Texas Firefighter apparently praises Charleston, SC Shooter on Fb. Loses job, suspiciously deleted his Fb account hmm

Confederate flag supporter gets owned like a slave. How ironic!

CNN’s recommend, reccomend typo. Fb users roasts editors of Cable News Network

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has a replacement

Chinese Hack Comments… You’re right you know

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