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Be More Pacific vs. Specific 

Yes, being a short guy is annoying

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis Tries To Troll Twitter With God Comment But It Backfires And He Gets Owned, Sold, And Owned Again By Ike Nice And Others On Twitter

When AllLivesMatter Comment Goes Terribly Wrong After BlackLivesMatter Supporters Drop Knowledge

Misti Dawn of Edmond, Oklahoma post insensitive comment blaming Christians for Orlando Gay Nightclub Massacre Shooting That Left 50 Dead, 53 Injured. Incorrectly uses wrong word

The massacre that happened in Orlando at a gay nightclub was, to date, the most gruesome act of terrorism sense the terrorist attacks in NYC.  As the nation…

The Wiz Exposes Uneducated, Ignorant Twitter Users Who Think All Black Cast Is Racist – The Wiz Live on NBC #TheWiz. Fools get owned by others.

Muslims Celebrating in Jersey City 9/11 September 11th Attacks On Rooftop Report CBS. Was Donald Trump Right. Muslims Celebrating Terrorist Attack Report Video

5 Syrian Men Detained in Honduras using fake stolen passport & Obama Online Backlash

I’m a Muslim and I think welcoming the Syrian Refugees is dangerous

Alex you are most likely a liar.. ijs

Serious Topic: Male Consent, Can Women Rape Men, Can Men Be Raped Discussion

All media including about above picture from Discipline and Anarchy website (source)(Twitter).  On the subject of ‘can men give consent’ and ‘can men be raped by women.’ The…

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