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Girl jumps off I-35 bridge (OKC) into traffic but the first Fb comment though

Old Lady Casts Delegate Ballot For Hillary Clinton and the Age-Prejudice Comments Follow, No Chill on Fb

We know what you meant, it’s because she’s…

The most creative Facebook Meme Ever… Says it all

After Nice, France Terrorist Attack, Troll Reveals Facebook Profile Filter Flags Are Nothing but Fake Grief, More Insensitive Fb Comments

California Students Will Now Learn LGBT History And Not Everyone Is Happy… Homophobic Comments, Trolls, and Suggestions

Police Robot Runs Over Child At Mall, RobotsLivesMatter as Internet has absolutely no chill with comments

5 Syrian Men Detained in Honduras using fake stolen passport & Obama Online Backlash

HIV Positive Charlie Sheen Social Media Comments, Memes, and Internet Reactions

Racist Oklahoma Jody Champion of Mustang Oklahoma Calls Suspects Monkey Thugs Within Minutes and Defends Comment. Former Southwest Airlines Employee

UPDATE: Jody is a man. ┬áMore probability than not. UPDATE: Jody couldn’t take the criticism so she deleted his┬ácomment at 8:04am CT on September, 7, 2015. Jody’s Twitter…

No shootings or disorderly conduct at ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and here’s WHY

Memphis police officer shot, killed and Shirley thinks it might be karma!?!?

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