Category: Murderers and Killers

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis Tries To Troll Twitter With God Comment But It Backfires And He Gets Owned, Sold, And Owned Again By Ike Nice And Others On Twitter

Racist Oklahoma Jody Champion of Mustang Oklahoma Calls Suspects Monkey Thugs Within Minutes and Defends Comment. Former Southwest Airlines Employee

UPDATE: Jody is a man. ┬áMore probability than not. UPDATE: Jody couldn’t take the criticism so she deleted his┬ácomment at 8:04am CT on September, 7, 2015. Jody’s Twitter…

Memphis police officer shot, killed and Shirley thinks it might be karma!?!?

Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo escapes, Trump worried.. Just playing dawg

Donald Trump Supporters, Mexican Comment and Tastes Like…

Veteran and former Texas Firefighter apparently praises Charleston, SC Shooter on Fb. Loses job, suspiciously deleted his Fb account hmm

Thug, Murderer, Terrorist, Mentally Disturbed. Charleston Massacre Suspect Dylann Storm Roof. Trolls Argue Terminology, More

Sick Figure Muhammad and river crying

Mrs. Mitchell must really like jail… Husband has to feel horrible

Matt generalizes all Black people

ISIS: Probably dudes in drag

Pete and his logic about ISIS

It’s soccer who cares.. Wait George Zimmerman

Race baiting here we go again

Not an OJ Meme

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