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Racist from Mustang, OK who works at AMC Theatre Employee in Yukon, OK ‘Mark Anderson Jr’ makes offensive comment and ‘Tyler Lee’ seems to agree who wants to be Black…Bigoted statements then issues apology

How an employee at an Oklahoma’s AMC West End Pointe 8 Theatre feels about Black people in 2017. Mark and Tyler issue an apology (scroll down) stating they…

Diane Yoscak, of Norman, Oklahoma Makes Racist Bigoted Facebook Post and Misspells Michelle Obama. Friend Is Fed Up!

When Oklahomans like Barnie Sartin show their true colors on social media

Misti Dawn of Edmond, Oklahoma post insensitive comment blaming Christians for Orlando Gay Nightclub Massacre Shooting That Left 50 Dead, 53 Injured. Incorrectly uses wrong word

The massacre that happened in Orlando at a gay nightclub was, to date, the most gruesome act of terrorism sense the terrorist attacks in NYC. ¬†As the nation…

Mid-K Beauty Supply Embroiled in Racism Controversy. Employee Referred to Blacks as Niggers

Update(06-20-16): Mid-K Beauty Supply is losing approximately $4200 – $5000 in daily sales according to reliable sources who are close with the business. ——————- Today (06-12-16) at Mid-K,…

Southern haterade, parched California

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