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Racist from Mustang, OK who works at AMC Theatre Employee in Yukon, OK ‘Mark Anderson Jr’ makes offensive comment and ‘Tyler Lee’ seems to agree who wants to be Black…Bigoted statements then issues apology

How an employee at an Oklahoma’s AMC West End Pointe 8 Theatre feels about Black people in 2017. Mark and Tyler issue an apology (scroll down) stating they…

Expelled: University of Alabama Pre-Law Student ‘Ryan Parish’ Makes Threats Online and Uses Racial Slur; N-Word. Now Removed From University

Update 10/05/16 Ryan Parish has been expelled. Statement from The University of Alabama

SHOCK VIDEO: Watch Houston Woman Accuses Officer Of Using Excessive Force” and ‘Dakota Smith’ of St. Petersburg, Florida Uses Racial Slur “Niglet” To Describe Black Woman

Watch Video:

‘Jacob Daniel Nobles’ Wannabe Star Posts Racist Bigot Blackface Mocking Biracial People and References Slavery and Cotton Fields..Has No Remorse

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis Tries To Troll Twitter With God Comment But It Backfires And He Gets Owned, Sold, And Owned Again By Ike Nice And Others On Twitter

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