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SHOCK VIDEO: Watch Houston Woman Accuses Officer Of Using Excessive Force” and ‘Dakota Smith’ of St. Petersburg, Florida Uses Racial Slur “Niglet” To Describe Black Woman

Watch Video:

Quinnipiac University Student Post Racially Insensitive Snapchat Blackface. University Takes Action Against Student But Not Sure How

Diane Yoscak, of Norman, Oklahoma Makes Racist Bigoted Facebook Post and Misspells Michelle Obama. Friend Is Fed Up!

Racist Lisa Greenwood Gets Fired From Job At Home Point Financial After Derogatory Comment About FLOTUS Michelle Obama

Old Lady Casts Delegate Ballot For Hillary Clinton and the Age-Prejudice Comments Follow, No Chill on Fb

Misti Dawn of Edmond, Oklahoma post insensitive comment blaming Christians for Orlando Gay Nightclub Massacre Shooting That Left 50 Dead, 53 Injured. Incorrectly uses wrong word

The massacre that happened in Orlando at a gay nightclub was, to date, the most gruesome act of terrorism sense the terrorist attacks in NYC.  As the nation…

Racist, Bigot Comment by Carol Compton of Oklahoma City woman. Generalizes Black men. She’s White by birth, Indian by choice apparently.

Serious Topic: Male Consent, Can Women Rape Men, Can Men Be Raped Discussion

All media including about above picture from Discipline and Anarchy website (source)(Twitter).  On the subject of ‘can men give consent’ and ‘can men be raped by women.’ The…

Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended..OMG Not The Goat Milk Comment

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has a replacement

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