Today it was no surprise that Matt Drudge of the immensely popular Drudge Report posted a video of Black men supposedly vandalizing a vehicle with Donald Trump campaign banners and material. The concept is by placing a vehicle whose owner has an allegiance to a party Blacks historically don’t support that Black people in particularly men will seize upon an opportunity to commit a crime. That’s what Matt Drudge, who has a history of posting racial insensitive content, and Joey Salads wants you to think.

To confirm the video is 100% FAKE. First Joey Salads is more of a prankster than anything else. If you look at his YouTube Channel many of his videos are setup with paid actors. Also we checked the area in which this was filmed and there were NO POLICE REPORTS of a vandalized vehicle. That’s because no one reported a vehicle due to the paid actors and the choreographed sounds you hear. Many of his videos look real but a vast majority of JoeySalad videos are fake and setup.

Furthermore, if this were a real crime their faces wouldn’t be blurred. None of the gentlemen in this photo were arrested. If this were a crime, Joey Salads, has a civic duty to report this supposed act if vandalism. HE DIDN’T because he set it all up to disparaging the Black Community. Look at a screenshot of his many videos which have a consistent theme of belittling Blacks and in particular Black men.  These guys were amateur actors who were paid. Quickly after this video Donald Trump supporters tweeted and posted this video. Clearly choreographed as a smear campaign against the Black community and Blacks in America.

This post on The Drudge Report was a joint effort between Matt Drudge who will post anything to make the Black Community look like savages and thugs and a YouTuber that has a consistent history of posting outlandish videos for likes to his YouTube channel. 

Loyal followers of this YouTube channel even know this is a FAKE and some are acknowledging this is promoting downright division and racism. Some people surprising think it’s real and couldn’t wait to spread their hate for Blacks. This is common day America. Racism is not dead!

BOTTOM LINE: Joey Salads videos are fake and created for shock value and likes. The Drudge Report has many decades of posting slanted, right-wing articles to fit Matt Drudge’s agenda. He is an avid Trump supporter. We have reason to believe this was secretly endorse and followed by The Trump Campaign. Spread the word.