Don’t believe the recent video (HERE) of two Arab men being kicked off a Delta flight. This prankster has already admitted to staging a fake video claiming discrimination by a New York City police officer. 

Many of his videos have also been debunked.

This is what happened. He boarded a Delta flight from Heathrow to JFK. With his prank in full motion we believe he starts speaking loudly in Arabic, which isn’t a crime, but his continuous actions draw the attention of passengers. His ethnicity as an Arab male and his thick beard help bolster his claims of discrimination but it’s all an act that plays on American’s fears of Middle Eastern and Arab men on planes.

If any other person made a disturbance like counting, reciting the alphabet or any unintelligible sound that was extremely loud then they would also be reported. Don’t believe the hype. This guy is a fraud and may face charges for defamation of character from everyone seen in the video who had no involvement. We’re sure Delta may take legal action as well.

Below is a snapshot of his antics…

It’s amazing what people will do nowadays for likes, attention, and a following.

There are also passengers who dispute his claims (HERE) of making a call to his mother.