The massacre that happened in Orlando at a gay nightclub was, to date, the most gruesome act of terrorism sense the terrorist attacks in NYC.  As the nation is coming together, grieving, we received this disturbing Facebook post made by Misti Dawn of Edmond, OK.  It seems she’s generalizing Christians because of their believe system’s past and present stance on homosexuality.  We also want to not note all Christians are homophobic.  To use this tragedy as a platform to spread such repulsive comments is harmful to the healing process.  If someone wants to pray for another to bring comfort we believe this act is genuine.  We not only think this is dangerous to make the connection but it’s hypocritical to denigrate those who believe based on an assumption.

Not only did Misti show her stance on Christianity she also misused versus TWICE when she meant to type verses.  These are two completely different words with different meanings.

Bigotry, hatred goes both ways and fcomments will report it.  If this post, posted June 13th, were about the LGBT community it would receive equal attention.  Do you think Misti Dawn’s post is bigotry?  Sound off!!

Let’s unite and not divide.