By: Jim Ghaznavi – Nov. 16, 2016

We are like no generation before us. Never has there been a generation with the education, innovative drive or global awareness as us. Our generation produced the founders of YouTube, Facebook, AirBNB, Uber, Lyft and Oculus Rift. We are the generation the democratized the economy: You can publish movies and music from your own home with Youtube. You can travel across town at the fraction of the price of a cab. You can broadcast your thoughts and ideas to hundreds of thousands of people at one time with social media. You can change the world.

Or we thought we could. Donald Trump’s election was a cold wake-up call that dark clouds loom over our future. And despite a million more people voting against Trump than for him, he will be the President January 20th. He has already appointed Steve Bannon, a white supremacist – pardon me – an “ethno-nationalist” as his chief advisor heralding the ominous times to come.

Trump’s delusions about climate change being a hoax will be reflected in his environmental policy. Despite hollow claims of tolerance, Trump chose Pence who goes beyond opposing gay marriage to express contempt for hate crime protections of gay and transgender Americans. And following his election, Trump’s hardcore base of support celebrated by vandalizing homes, churches and schools with swastikas and death threats. And sorry, his twenty second afterthought on 60 Minutes telling his supporters to “Stop it” can’t undo 15 months of hate and lies.

We totally got screwed. Generations – who won’t be around to see their consequences – decided this election for us. In California, our record-breaking drought shows no signs of abating. The wildfires keep raging on. Our coast keep rising. In my home state of Oklahoma, once dormant, now faces increasingly powerful fracking-induced earthquakes.

Between the fiscal irresponsibility and backwardness of our predecessors, we are already feeling it. Our blood was needlessly shed for their wars in Iraq and Afghan. We are choking under the burden of student loans. We got f*cked and it up to us and only us to do something about it.

What can we do about it? Well, we created the social media. Let’s use it to organize, mobilize and take charge of our future. Tell your friends, talk to people, slam mail your congressmen, vote in your local and state election, and for God’s sake, the midterm elections. Take to the streets, forums, school, churches. Make your dinner table conversation, your platform for your future. Organize your own PACs. Fundraise. Gofundme. Kickstart. Just do something more than sign a petition.  

TL:DR: Don’t let people who don’t give a damn about your future, dictate it. Act like your future depends on it, because, guess what, it does.