And another lawsuit against Cheeto Satan

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‘Jacob Daniel Nobles’ Wannabe Star Posts Racist Bigot Blackface Mocking Biracial People and References Slavery and Cotton Fields..Has No Remorse

Former NFL Player Ray Lewis Tries To Troll Twitter With God Comment But It Backfires And He Gets Owned, Sold, And Owned Again By Ike Nice And Others On Twitter

The response to this wifi password…Promotions Available LOL

Bohl Crane Inc Employee, Curtice, Ohio Man ‘Korey Sutter’ types “kill them all” in reference to Black protestors in North Carolina

Bohl Crane has not responded to my message requesting that they address this – Submitter

Quinnipiac University Student Post Racially Insensitive Snapchat Blackface. University Takes Action Against Student But Not Sure How

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